YouTube discontinues its iMessage app for iPhone and iPad

Yes, the iMessage App Store is still a thing, although many iOS users have no idea that they can download iMessage mini-apps. YouTube was one of the apps that integrated with Apple’s messaging app, but now it seems that the company has decided to discontinue its iMessage mini-app.


As confirmed by 9to5Mac, the latest version of the YouTube app for iOS (19.01.1) released on January 10 silently removes the iMessage app, although the release notes only mention that it brings bug fixes and improved performance.

With the iMessage app, users could find and send YouTube videos directly from a chat without leaving the Messages app. Those who had the iMessage mini-app installed could also watch the video using the native YouTube player right from there. After installing the latest version of the YouTube app, the iMessage mini-app disappears.

YouTube has yet to confirm whether its iMessage mini app was intentionally removed, but that seems to be the case. YouTube’s iMessage mini-app was launched in October 2017, a year after the iMessage App Store was introduced to the public. The iMessage apps were part of the iOS 10 update and still exist today.

However, despite the initial hype, the iMessage App Store never became a hit. Many other iMessage apps have also been discontinued in recent years. The iMessage App Store also allowed developers to distribute iMessage stickers for the first time.

YouTube iMessage app

The YouTube app is available for free on the App Store, and it works with the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

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