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Looking to explore all the big updates from an incredible week of sessions? Start with this collection of essential videos across every topic. And as always, you can watch the full set of sessions any time.

Spatial Computing


Principles of spatial design

Discover the fundamentals of spatial design. Learn how to design with depth, scale, windows, and immersion, and apply best practices for creating comfortable, human-centered experiences that transform reality. Find out how you can use these spatial design principles to extend your existing app or…

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Meet SwiftUI for spatial computing

Take a tour of the solar system with us and explore SwiftUI for visionOS! Discover how you can build an entirely new universe of apps with windows, volumes, and spaces. We’ll show you how to get started with SwiftUI on this platform as we build an astronomy app, add 3D content, and create a fully…

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Meet UIKit for spatial computing

Learn how to bring your UIKit app to visionOS. We’ll show you how to build for a new destination, explore APIs and best practices for spatial computing, and take your content into the third dimension when you use SwiftUI with UIKit in visionOS.

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Design for spatial user interfaces

Learn how to design great interfaces for spatial computing apps. We’ll share how your existing screen-based knowledge easily translates into creating great experiences for visionOS. Explore guidelines for UI components, materials, and typography and find out how you can design experiences that…

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Get started with building apps for spatial computing

Get ready to develop apps and games for visionOS! Discover the fundamental building blocks that make up spatial computing — windows, volumes, and spaces — and find out how you can use these elements to build engaging and immersive experiences.

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Build great games for spatial computing

Find out how you can develop great gaming experiences for visionOS. We’ll share some of the key building blocks that help you create games for this platform, explore how your experiences can fluidly move between levels of immersion, and provide a roadmap for exploring ARKit, RealityKit, Reality…

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Develop your first immersive app

Find out how you can build immersive apps for visionOS using Xcode and Reality Composer Pro. We’ll show you how to get started with a new visionOS project, use Xcode Previews for your SwiftUI development, and take advantage of RealityKit and RealityView to render 3D content.

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Meet Object Capture for iOS

Discover how you can offer an end-to-end Object Capture experience directly in your iOS apps to help people turn their objects into ready-to-use 3D models. Learn how you can create a fully automated Object Capture scan flow with our sample app and how you can assist people in automatically…

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Meet Safari for spatial computing

Discover the web for visionOS and learn how people can experience your web content in a whole new way. Explore the unique input model powering this platform and learn how you can optimize your website for spatial computing. We’ll also share how emerging standards are helping shape 3D experiences…

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Developer Tools

What’s new in Xcode 15

Discover the latest productivity and performance improvements in Xcode 15. Explore enhancements to code completion and Xcode Previews, learn about the test navigator and test report, and find out more about the streamlined distribution process. We’ll also highlight improved navigation, source…

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What’s new in Swift

Join us for an update on Swift. We’ll show you how APIs are becoming more extensible and expressive with features like parameter packs and macros. We’ll also take you through improvements to interoperability and share how we’re expanding Swift’s performance and safety benefits everywhere…

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Meet SwiftData

SwiftData is a powerful and expressive persistence framework built for Swift. We’ll show you how you can model your data directly from Swift code, use SwiftData to work with your models, and integrate with SwiftUI.

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SwiftUI & UI Frameworks

What’s new in SwiftUI

Learn how you can use SwiftUI to build great apps for all Apple platforms. Explore the latest updates to SwiftUI and discover new scene types for visionOS. Simplify your data models with the latest data flow options and learn about the Inspector view. We’ll also take you through enhanced…

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What’s new in UIKit

Explore enhancements and updates to UIKit and learn how to build better iOS, iPadOS, and Mac Catalyst apps. We’ll show you the latest features and improvements in UIKit and share API refinements, performance improvements, and much more.

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What’s new in AppKit

Discover the latest advances in Mac app development. We’ll share improvements to controls and menus and explore the tools that can help you break free from your (view) bounds. Learn how to add motion to your user interface, take advantage of improvements to text input, and integrate your existing…

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What’s new in SF Symbols 5

Explore the latest updates to SF Symbols, Apple’s library of iconography designed to integrate seamlessly with San Francisco, the system font for Apple platforms. Learn about symbol animations: a collection of expressive, configurable animations that can make your interface feel more lively and…

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Meet watchOS 10

Discover some of the most significant changes to Apple Watch since its introduction as we tour the redesigned user interface and the new Smart Stack. Learn how Apple designers approached the design of watchOS 10 as we explore layout, navigation, and visual style, and find out how you can apply them…

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Design dynamic Live Activities

Live Activities allow your app to display live information in key system locations on iOS and iPadOS. Learn the best way to create graphically rich layouts that update seamlessly on the Lock Screen, in StandBy, and in the Dynamic Island. Incorporate interactivity and animation to help people stay…

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Graphics & Games

Bring your game to Mac, Part 1: Make a game plan

Bring modern, high-end games to Mac and iPad with the powerful features of Metal and Apple silicon. Discover the game porting toolkit and learn how it can help you evaluate your existing Windows game for graphics feature compatibility and performance. We’ll share best practices and technical…

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Your guide to Metal ray tracing

Discover how you can enhance the visual quality of your games and apps with Metal ray tracing. We’ll take you through the fundamentals of the Metal ray tracing API. Explore the latest enhancements and techniques that will enable you to create larger and more complex scenes, reduce memory usage…

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App Store Distribution & Marketing

What’s new in App Store Connect

Discover the latest updates to App Store Connect, the suite of tools used to manage and submit apps to the App Store. Explore how you can use the latest features to test, price, promote, and automate the management of your app more easily. We’ll also share enhancements to tools like TestFlight…

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Explore App Store Connect for spatial computing

App Store Connect provides the tools you need to test, submit, and manage your visionOS apps on the App Store. Explore basics and best practices for deploying your first spatial computing app, adding support for visionOS to an existing app, and managing compatibility. We’ll also show you how…

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ML & Vision

Discover machine learning enhancements in Create ML

Find out how Create ML can help you do even more with machine learning models. Learn about the latest updates to image understanding and text-based tasks with multilingual BERT embeddings. Discover how easy it is to train models that can understand the content of images using multi-label…

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Lift subjects from images in your app

Discover how you can easily pull the subject of an image from its background in your apps. Learn how to lift the primary subject or to access the subject at a given point with VisionKit. We’ll also share how you can lift subjects using Vision and combine that with lower-level frameworks like Core…

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Privacy & Security

What’s new in privacy

At Apple, we believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. Learn about new technologies on Apple platforms that make it easier for you to implement essential privacy patterns that build customer trust in your app. Discover privacy improvements for Apple’s platforms, as well as a study of how…

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App Services

What’s new in Core Motion

Learn how you can use the latest Core Motion updates to expand how your app uses motion data. Discover how to stream higher-frequency sensor data when recording a HealthKit workout on Apple Watch. We’ll show you how you can get submersion data — including water depth and temperature — during…

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What’s new in Wallet and Apple Pay

Discover the latest updates to Wallet and Apple Pay. Learn how to take advantage of preauthorized payments, funds transfer, and Apple Pay Later merchandising to create great Apple Pay experiences in your app or for the web. Explore improved support for Mail, Messages, Safari, and third-party apps…

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Meet StoreKit for SwiftUI

Discover how you can use App Store product metadata and Xcode Previews to add in-app purchases to your app with just a few lines of code. Explore a new collection of UI components in StoreKit and learn how you can easily merchandise your products, present subscriptions in a way that helps users…

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Meet MapKit for SwiftUI

Discover how expanded SwiftUI support for MapKit has made it easier than ever for you to integrate Maps into your app. We’ll show you how to use SwiftUI to add annotations and overlays to a map, control the camera, and more.

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Safari & Web

What’s new in Safari extensions

Learn about the latest improvements to Safari extensions. We’ll take you through new APIs, explore per-site permissions for Safari app extensions, and share how you can make sure your extensions work great in both Private Browsing and Profiles.

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What’s new in web apps

Discover web apps for Mac — a powerful way to experience your website from the Dock. Learn how you can customize your web app to give people the best experience when they add your site. We’ll also share how to take advantage of push notifications and badging for web apps for Mac and Home Screen…

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Explore media formats for the web

Learn about the latest image formats and video technologies supported in Safari 17. Discover how you can use JPEG XL, AVIF, and HEIC in your websites and experiences and learn how they differ from previous formats. We’ll also show you how the Managed Media Source API draws less power than Media…

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Accessibility & Inclusion

Build accessible apps with SwiftUI and UIKit

Discover how advancements in UI frameworks make it easier to build rich, accessible experiences. Find out how technologies like VoiceOver can better interact with your app’s interface through accessibility traits and actions. We’ll share the latest updates to SwiftUI that help you refine your…

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Perform accessibility audits for your app

Discover how you can test your app for accessibility with every build. Learn how to perform automated audits for accessibility using XCTest and find out how to interpret the results. We’ll also share enhancements to the accessibility API that can help you improve UI test coverage.

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Photos & Camera

Discover Continuity Camera for tvOS

Discover how you can bring AVFoundation, AVFAudio, and AudioToolbox to your apps on tvOS and create camera and microphone experiences for the living room. Find out how to support tvOS in your existing iOS camera experience with the Device Discovery API, build apps that use iPhone as a webcam or…

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Create a more responsive camera experience

Discover how AVCapture and PhotoKit can help you create more responsive and delightful apps. Learn about the camera capture process and find out how deferred photo processing can help create the best quality photo. We’ll show you how zero shutter lag uses time travel to capture the perfect action…

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Audio & Video

What’s new in voice processing

Learn how to use the Apple voice processing APIs to achieve the best possible audio experience in your VoIP apps. We’ll show you how to detect when someone is talking while muted, adjust ducking behavior of other audio, and more.

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Add SharePlay to your app

Discover how your app can take advantage of SharePlay to turn any activity into a shareable experience with friends! We’ll share the latest updates to SharePlay, explore the benefits of creating shared activities, dive into some exciting use cases, and take you through best practices to create…

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System Services

What’s new in Core Data

Elevate your app’s data persistence with improvements in Core Data. Learn how you can use composite attributes to create more intuitive data models. We’ll also show you how to migrate your schema through disruptive changes, when to defer intense migrations, and how to avoid overhead on a…

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Business & Education

Meet device management for Apple Watch

Organizations can now deploy and configure Apple Watch in addition to other Apple devices. Learn how to implement device management for watchOS to help organizations improve productivity, support wellness, and provide additional support for their employees.

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Explore advances in declarative device management

Learn how you can help IT administrators get the tools they need to manage their organization’s devices. Discover the latest changes to declarative device management, including software update management, additional asset types, status reporting for FileVault, and more.

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What’s new in managing Apple devices

Learn about the latest management capabilities for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. Discover how you can streamline the setup experience with enhancements to automated device enrollment and a new return-to-service option for iOS and iPadOS devices. We’ll share how to use your identity provider in even…

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Health & Fitness

Build custom workouts with WorkoutKit

WorkoutKit makes it easy to create, preview, and schedule planned workouts for the Workout app on Apple Watch. Learn how to build custom intervals, create alerts, and use the built-in preview UI to send your own workout routines to Apple Watch.

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Build a multi-device workout app

Learn how you can get iPhone involved in your Apple Watch-based workout apps with HealthKit. We’ll show you how to mirror workouts between devices and take a ride with cycling data types. Plus, get to know HealthKit for iPad.

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