Will you buy the Galaxy S23 at its reduced price over the S24?

samsung galaxy s23 home screen hero

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

That got us wondering whether any of you plan to buy the Galaxy S23 at its new $699 price tag. So go ahead and vote in our poll below.


Will you buy the S23 at its reduced price over the S24?

1437 votes

We can understand why you might opt for the older phone over the new device. The two phones share the same cameras, the same charging capabilities, and a similar battery size. Plus, Samsung confirmed to us that many Galaxy AI features seen on the S24 series will come to the S23 line.

Then again, there’s logic in buying the Galaxy S24 instead. Your $100 extra gets you a new chipset, a brighter screen with a more dynamic refresh rate, seven years of updates, and a host of cool software features.


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