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Samsung Galaxy Ring

Update: January 18, 2023 (4:10 AM ET): We’ve updated our Galaxy Ring hub with information about its design and launch window.

Original article: Samsung’s watches are among the best smartwatches in today’s market. Despite the line’s success, Samsung doesn’t appear ready to rest on its laurels. Instead, the company is pivoting to a much smaller form factor (and a different body part). Possibly sliding soon onto fingers near you, here’s everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Ring.


Samsung Galaxy Ring: At a glance 

  • When might it come out? It’s nearly impossible to guess when the new wearable may arrive. Reports suggest that a late 2024 launch is the soonest we can hope for. Yet, some rumors suggest the ring could arrive as early as January 2024. Samsung did not offer any information in its official Galaxy Unpacked event teaser.
  • What new features could it have? A finger-based wearable is a huge pivot for Samsung compared to its successful line of smartwatches. According to the company, the device will be a”powerful and accessible” wellness device. We anticipate it will be similar to the company’s wrist-based wearables but offer shoppers a much smaller form factor.
  • How much might it cost? Our best guess is that Samsung will price its Galaxy Ring within spitting distance of comparable devices, such as the Oura Ring 3. This makes a cost of around $300 most likely.

Will there be a Samsung Galaxy Ring?

It is now safe to say that Samsung is officially making a smart ring. On January 17, the company teased the ring at its Galaxy Unpacked event. Though details were limited, Samsung displayed the first images we’ve seen of the device and dubbed it the Galaxy Ring.

Patents for the device were reported in 2022, and the Korean Intellectual Property Right Information Service (KIPRIS) granted a trademark for the Samsung Galaxy Ring.

We’ve been ignoring Apple Watch ring rumors for years now, but the fact is that smart rings are gaining traction. The screen-free experience appeals to many users who just want to track their basics without distractions. Korean news outlet The Elec reported in mid-July that the Galaxy Ring is in “advanced development,” and now we have images from the company itself.

What is the most likely Samsung Galaxy Ring release date?

Estimating a release date for Samsung’s first attempt is nearly impossible. Branching into new territory, Samsung won’t want to swing and miss. To compete with existing smart rings, the company must have the device well buttoned up before launch.

A report from The Elec suggests that the launch may happen in 2024 at the earliest. If Samsung decides to seek medical approval, the timeline could be stretched out even further. “Even if Samsung Electronics starts product development in September and finishes development by April next year, it will take an additional 10 to 12 months to obtain medical device approval,” an industry source told the outlet, potentially pushing the release date to 2025.

While we didn’t see the ring debut alongside the Samsung Galaxy S24 series at Samsung’s Unpacked event like some rumors suggested. Meanwhile, an APK teardown of the Galaxy Wearable app revealed code referring to a 2024 launch date for the smart ring.

However, The Elec later came back with a new report asserting the smart ring would have a Q3 2024 or Q1 2025 launch. It also suggested the Galaxy Ring could launch alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6.

Analyst Avi Greengart claims he went hands-on with Galaxy Ring prototypes and confirmed on Threads that it would launch in 2024. However, he didn’t give an exact timeline for the launch.

What specs and features could the Samsung Galaxy Ring have?

Samsung Galaxy Ring Patent

Based on the patent filings first reported by Korean outlet Naver, the ring may offer a fair amount of health tracking. The filing suggests the integration of both ECG and PPG sensors, and this would likely mean the ability to take heart rate measurements and monitor temperature. These features align the ring with the current capabilities of the Oura Ring 3, a leader in the smart ring market. In the images released by Samsung, we can see three raised nodes on the inside of the ring that are also very similar to that of Oura’s latest model.

An even earlier patent points to potential smart home integration. Samsung may offer Galaxy Ring users the ability to control connected devices such as a smart TV. The mid-July report by The Elec also points to a newly filed patent by Samsung, which shows that a pair of XR glasses can use a smart ring to get positional information for your fingers and hands. That theoretically means accurate hand and finger tracking in XR applications, allowing for fine control over the UI and in apps. This is just a patent, though, so there’s no guarantee of this feature coming to the Galaxy Ring or any other Samsung ring.

Another report from The Elec says Samsung is working on a single model — so no Plus or Ultra version — of the smart ring in four sizes. It also claims that the advanced development version of the ring is too big for immediate commercialization. Samsung is reportedly trying to implement as many functions as possible and plans to remove some of those functions to reduce the size during the mass production development phase.

Per Analyst Avi Greengart who saw a prototype of the ring, it will be available in sizes up to 13. The analyst also noted that Samsung planned to offer the smart ring in three finishes.

What might the Samsung Galaxy Ring price be?

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is highlighted at hte sompany's January Unpacked event.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

In a word: expensive. The advanced tech required to turn a tiny ring into a viable fitness tracker costs a pretty penny. I’m inclined to expect prices similar to the company’s existing wearables.

The latest Oura Ring 3 starts at $299 and requires a monthly subscription to access its full feature set. Samsung has yet to adopt a subscription service for its Galaxy Watch line, and I’m hoping it doesn’t join the trend with the Galaxy Ring.

Should you wait for the Samsung Galaxy Ring?

An Oura Ring in stealth, rests on a black surface.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

There is a very good chance the Samsung Galaxy Ring will be worth the wait. On the other hand, with so many unknowns and possibly years before we see the ring on shelves, I don’t recommend holding your breath. The best wearable is always the one that helps you persue your fitness goals now. If a finger-based wearable is on your shopping list, there are a few other options. The Oura Ring 3 ($299.99 at Oura) is our top pick with fantastic sleep tracking and a holistic approach to wellness. Meanwhile, the Circular Ring ($284 at Manufacturer site) is the best Oura Ring 3 alternative. It tracks heart rate, sleep, and blood oxygen and doesn’t require a monthly subscription.

If you prefer to stay within Samsung’s ecosystem, it may be worth sticking with the company’s smartwatch line for now. The Galaxy Watch 6 ($299.99 at Samsung) offers a well-rounded smartwatch experience with all the basics in terms of tracking health and fitness. The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic ($429 at Amazon) is slightly pricier but features a useful rotating bezel and an elevated aesthetic.

Samsung Galaxy Ring: What I want to see

Oura Ring 3 On Hand

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Oura Ring 3

For starters, I’m just happy to see that the Samsung Galaxy Ring will exist. A strong alternative to the Oura Ring could turn up the gas on the entire smart ring trend and push more competitors to have a go. I’m fully expecting basic health tracking and decent battery life. Beyond that, below are a few specifics I’m also hoping to find on board.

Advanced health and training metrics

It goes without saying that I want to see detailed health metrics on Samsung’s potential Galaxy Ring, and according to Samsung we should expect to. Heart rate monitoring and temperature tracking are two pillars of Oura that I find highly useful during our Oura Ring 3 review. If Samsung were to mirror these features, I hope to see a more advanced use of temperature data, especially concerning women’s health. Where the Oura Ring falls short, in my opinion, is fitness tracking. Samsung could set itself apart by offering a more involved feature set for athletes.

Fantastic sleep tracking

A Samsung Galaxy Watch displays information about the platform's sleep tracking.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

The Oura Ring 3 has the ring market cornered, and it did so by honing in on users’ Zs. A ridiculous amount of people aren’t getting enough shuteye and offering a tool to manage the problem is a home run. Samsung recently stepped up its own sleep tracking, and I hope to see the company transfer the platform to our fingers. Accuracy, insights, trends, and sleep coaching are all factors I’m keen to find. Lightweight, comfortable, and without a bright screen to wake you up overnight, a smart ring is a fool-proof bedmate.

A thin design

As small as existing smart rings seem compared to wrist-based wearables, they are still quite bulky. Many resemble oversized wedding bands. I’d love to see Samsung offer a more petite form factor that won’t draw as many eyes. I’d also be open to more Samsung Galaxy Ring colors and finishes than can be found in the current smart ring pool.

It’s hard to tell for sure in the released images, but it appears the ring will share similar specs to the Oura Ring. Yet, every millimeter makes a difference when wearing something around your finger so I’m still keeping mine crossed.

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