Watch the first Apple Vision Pro accessory unboxing

The first third-party Vision Pro accessory sold by Apple basically looks like an iPhone case. That’s because it’s the Belkin Battery Holder for Vision Pro, and the Vision Pro battery basically looks like, well, an iPhone.


Much like with the iPhone, the product accessories are surfacing in the real world before the product itself. For example, creator Aaron Zollo has published an unboxing video of the Belkin Batter Holder in question. It retails for $49.95 from Apple.

It seriously, it really does look like Belkin made an iPhone case for one of those Galaxy phones with the camera in the center. Plus there’s a clip and a strap. Whether you’re hyped for Vision Pro and preparing the way or just bored like the rest of us, give it a watch:

And while Belkin may be the sole third-party accessory maker for Apple retail, there are plenty of Vision Pro accessories materializing on Amazon.

Apple Vision Pro is currently available for pre-order in the United States from $3499. Apple’s spatial computer hits stores on February 2. If you show up to the Apple Store early enough, you can get the Vision Pro experience yourself with a free demo during launch weekend.


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