Unsqueeze is a Metal-powered video upscaling app with support for 8K+ resolution

January 31, 2024

Developer Finn Voorhees has released a really great new video upscaling app that works across iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Unsqueeze is designed to increase the resolution of your videos “while preserving sharpness and details.”

Unsqueeze is powered by Apple’s Metal framework on Apple Silicon, which makes it significantly faster than other apps on Apple Silicon. Here’s how Finn describes the app:

“Unsqueeze increases the resolution of your videos while preserving sharpness and details. Powered by Metal on Apple Silicon, Unsqueeze uses the latest and greatest upscaling algorithms, and runs entirely on the GPU, making higher quality videos faster than other upscaling tools.”

The app runs fully offline and can upscale your videos to 8K+ resolution. It works with all the most common video file types and even supports batch upscaling multiple videos at the same time.

Unsqueeze is available on the App Store as a free download with support for upscaling videos to 5K resolution. There’s a one-time universal purchase of $9.99 that unlocks Unsqueeze XL, which supports upscaling to 8K+. The iPad version of Upscale will also be available on Vision Pro from day one.

On an unrelated note, Finn is also working on an app called Castaway, which will enable HDMI input on Vision Pro using a USB capture card and an iPad. I can’t wait to try this one out.

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