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Build, test, and distribute great apps using Apple’s continuous integration and delivery service, Xcode Cloud. This toolkit provides you with all the information you need to manage and optimize your workflow. Learn how to set up your first workflow, develop a workflow strategy — Xcode Cloud supports both solo developers and large teams — and build your test suite to help you deliver great apps.

Meet Continuous Integration and Delivery with Xcode Cloud

Everything you need to know to begin.


About continuous integration and delivery with Xcode Cloud

Requirements for using Xcode Cloud

Get started

Explore the basics of Xcode Cloud and set up your first workflow.

Meet Xcode Cloud

Get to know Xcode Cloud, Apple’s continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) service for building apps and frameworks for all Apple platforms. Find out how Xcode Cloud can improve both the productivity of your team and the quality of your products. We’ll show you how to start your…

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Explore Xcode Cloud workflows

Learn how Xcode Cloud workflows can help you and your team automate building, analyzing, testing, archiving, and distributing your apps and frameworks. They are flexible, extensible, and can be configured around your team’s development and distribution process. Find out the basics of Xcode Cloud…

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Configuring your first Xcode Cloud workflow

Manage your workflows

Learn the ins and outs of workflow strategy and configuration.

Deep dive into Xcode Cloud for teams

Learn how you can use Apple’s continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) service with development teams of any size to help you deliver high-quality apps. We’ll show you how to integrate Xcode Cloud into your team’s existing app development process and efficiently use Xcode Cloud…

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Xcode Cloud workflow reference

Developing a workflow strategy for Xcode Cloud

Configuring Xcode Cloud for your team

Optimize your workflows

Dive deeper into Xcode Cloud’s powers.

Get the most out of Xcode Cloud

Discover how you can get the most out of Xcode Cloud, Apple’s continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) service. We’ll take you through an overview of Xcode Cloud and how it connects with Xcode and App Store Connect. We’ll also explore the Xcode Cloud Usage Dashboard in App Store…

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Customize your advanced Xcode Cloud workflows

Xcode Cloud integrates with Apple Developer tools and services, all major source control management services, and even social collaboration tools like Slack. If your development process relies on additional tools and external services, however, you can fine-tune your workflows and the behavior of…

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Author fast and reliable tests for Xcode Cloud

Discover how you can create effective testing plans for Xcode Cloud, Apple’s continuous integration and continuous delivery service. We’ll show you how testing can be an essential tool to consistently verify your code works correctly. Learn how you can author fast, reliable, and efficient tests…

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