The best Galaxy S24 accessories to spend your money on

It’s easy to forget when you’re excited about new tech, but before you drop cash on any smartphone, you should always be thinking about accessories — some are unavoidable, while others can take the experience to another level. Here are some of the best accessories to buy before your Galaxy S24 even hits your doorstep.

The best Galaxy S24 accessories

At a minimum we’d recommend buying a case. As tough as Gorilla Glass can be, it’s not invincible, and the last thing you want is a cracked back or screen on a phone costing upwards of $800. You’ll also need one or more chargers, and probably a set of headphones or earbuds for private listening. If you’re into fitness, or just want to check time and notifications without pulling your S24 out of your pocket, a smartwatch is an excellent (if expensive) add-on.


We’ll update this list over time as appropriate, so consider checking back here in the future when you need ideas.

Anker 713 Nano II wall charger

The Anker 713 Nano II wall charger

Samsung doesn’t bundle chargers anymore. And while you may already have a charging brick, it may not max out the speeds the S24 series supports. The Anker 713 checks that box — enabling the full 45W possible on the S24 Plus and Ultra — while managing to be extremely compact. It’s so small, in fact, that you could keep one in your pocket, especially since its wall prongs fold.

You’ll need a compatible USB-C cable, of course. If you need a power bank or something that can charge multiple devices simultaneously, check out our broader wall charger roundup.

Anker PowerWave II Stand

anker powerwave ii stand

Just about any Qi-compatible charger will work with an S24, but if you can find it, the PowerWave II Stand is one of the more cost-effective wireless options out there. It supports the full 15W wireless speeds of the S24 lineup, and unlike Samsung’s official pads, it props your phone up in portrait or landscape mode so you can actually see the display. That’s especially important if you’re using your phone as a bedside device or need to see notifications rolling in as you work.

Our only complaints are that Anker has mostly phased out the product, making it tough to find in some cases, and that it uses a hard-wired DC wall adapter instead of supporting interchangeable USB-C components. Try to find it on sale, or else check out Anker’s more recent stands.

Sony WF-1000XM5 earbuds

Sony WF 1000XM5 hand holds 2

Lily Katz / Android Authority

Samsung does make the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, but if you can afford them, the WF-1000XM5s are superior. They’re well-built, and offer not just excellent audio but some of the best noise cancellation in the business, and some of the best background noise isolation when you’re making a phone call. They’re ideal for everything from listening to music at work to watching a movie on a loud jet plane.

They even ship with memory foam eartips, something you usually have to buy separately. Just be aware that they’re not the best earbuds for fitness — they’re prone to jostling loose during activities like running or weightlifting. If you need something guaranteed to stay put, you’re probably better off with the Jabra Elite 8 Active.

Samsung Shield Case

Samsung S24 Shield Case in Dark Violet

Samsung is selling a decent collection of first-party cases. If you genuinely value protection though, the Shield Case is the obvious choice. It protects the back, edges, and buttons of an S24, and sports rear ridges that both improve grip and add a little style. It’s not the most rugged case on the market, but it’s probably enough for most people. You might consider combining it with a screen protector, although that’s not absolutely necessary.

There’s not much more to say, but be sure to get one sized for your specific model, since an Ultra case won’t fit a Plus or the standard S24. Regardless, there are two color options: Light Gray and Dark Violet.

dbrand Grip Case with MagSafe

dbrand Grip Case for Samsung Galaxy S24

dbrand isn’t shipping this case until February 2024, yet it could be worth the wait. It’s another rugged case with two main party tricks, as its name implies. Improved grip comes from its textured edges and “grip strips,” while embedded magnets make it compatible with MagSafe accessories normally restricted to iPhones.

There’s more than that, however. You can customize the case with dozens of skins, and dbrand is claiming “military-grade” impact protection. The only real catch is price, since it’s considerably more expensive than Samsung’s Shield Case. Versions are available for the Ultra, Plus, and standard S24.

Garmin Forerunner 265

A Garmin Forerunner 265 on a user's wrist highlights the device's bright AMOLED display.

This is going to be controversial, but as nice as Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 Classic might be, we feel the Forerunner 265 is a better buy if you value function over form. It offers more accurate heart rate and GPS tracking, not to mention longer battery life, extending up to four days even after long power-draining workouts. Speaking of which, you simply can’t beat Garmin’s health software, including its Training Readiness score that tells you whether or not you should push your limits or take it easy.

You can also do things like cache music from Spotify, Deezer, or Amazon Music, and make NFC payments using Garmin Pay. Indeed the only real reasons to prefer the Galaxy Watch 6 are price, looks, and Wear OS, which is more general-purpose than Garmin’s platform.


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