SoundCloud available on CarPlay, but only with a paid subscription for now

Apple Musical Classical teased the world with an accidental CarPlay app this week, but SoundCloud has the real deal. At least for paid members of SoundCloud’s subscription service.

SoundCloud apparently isn’t just a place for uploading your mixtape. Still, if you land a viral tweet and need something to promote, SoundCloud is the go-to choice (unless you don’t have one).


SoundCloud Go Plus — which, believe it or not, is not a T-Mobile 5G plan — costs $9.99/month and gives subscribers ad-free on-demand music streaming. Excellent choice is you haven’t heard of Apple Music or Spotify yet!

Anyway, SoundCloud customers can access their music library safely in the car with the CarPlay experience. Not a paid member? Then the SoundCloud CarPlay app is a button for presenting this message:

If you actually are a SoundCloud Go (presumably) or Go Plus subscriber, the music streaming experience on the road is ready for CarPlay. “CarPlay is only available to subscribers for now” does leave some room for actually making a CarPlay experience for the standard SoundCloud experience at some point, though.


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