SKAdNetwork 4.0 now available – Latest News

The SKAdNetwork API lets advertisers measure the success of advertisements by attributing app installations to specific ad campaigns — all while maintaining user privacy. It supports multiple ad formats, including static images, videos, audio, and interactive ads. With SKAdNetwork 4.0, now available in iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.1, it provides more insight into the performance of ads for apps:

  • Hierarchical source identifiers: Identify which campaign an installation was attributed to, as well as additional attribution information.
  • Coarse conversion values: Receive less specific attribution information when the privacy thresholds for conversion values are not met, or more detailed attribution information when additional privacy thresholds are met.
  • Multiple conversions: Receive up to three postbacks to better understand how often someone who installed an app from a campaign engages with the app over time.
  • SKAdNetwork for web ads: Attribute web advertising that directs to App Store product pages.

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