Samsung’s upcoming VR headset reportedly fixes one big Apple Vision Pro flaw

What you need to know

  • Samsung and Google are working on an upcoming spatial computing headset to challenge the Apple Vision Pro.
  • A model number leak could have revealed a second headset in the works and a pair of controllers for Samsung’s headset.
  • Apple only supports hand tracking on Vision Pro, while other headsets like the Meta Quest 3 support hand tracking and controller tracking.

Apple Vision Pro might be pushing the specs for upcoming VR headsets into the stratosphere, but the headset is missing one key component: controllers. The Apple Vision Pro is shipping on February 2 and its interface uses a combination of eye tracking and hand tracking. The headset can be paired with Bluetooth controllers but none of them are tracked in 3D space.

Headsets like the Meta Quest 3 ship with controllers that are tracked by the headset, and one leak (via SamMobile) suggests that Samsung could follow suit. The leak revealed a potential new model number for Samsung’s upcoming XR headset, SM-I130. Previously, we were aware of a headset with the model number SM-I110. While this doesn’t tell us much, it could mean that Samsung is working on two headsets instead of one.



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