Native Union unveils ‘Voyage’ Qi2 foldable magnetic charger for iPhone and Apple Watch

Native Union has shared its upcoming Apple accessories at CES. The headlining product is the foldable magnetic travel charger for iPhone and Apple Watch with Qi2 support called Voyage. Here’s what we know about it so far.


Native Union shared details about the portable Voyage Qi2 charger and more with 9to5Mac.

Voyage uses a circular folding design like Twelve South’s ButterFly. But Native Union says its take makes it “the most portable multi-device wireless charger ever…”

Voyage features a fold-up Apple Watch/AirPods charger so you can use it lying flat or in Nightstand Mode.

Voyage will come in three colors:

And here’s a look short video looking at the new charger:

We don’t have details yet on price or an official launch date – Native Union has just shared it’s “coming soon” for now.

Alongside Voyage, Native Union is planning to launch a slim USB-C charger and “Pocket Cable” inspired by the Swiss Army Knife.

And in Q1 2024, the company will also launch a new Desk Laptop Stand, Desk Mat, and (Re)Classic Power Bank.

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