Latest Apple ad promotes Ceramic Shield: ‘Relax, it’s iPhone’

In a callback to Hitchcock’s 1963 horror thriller The Birds, a new 30-second Apple ad promotes the strength of Ceramic Shield.

The video shows a woman cycling through a park, her iPhone mounted to the handlebars, and using Apple Maps for navigation …


She’s dive-bombed by a bird and falls from her bike, her iPhone going flying. It lands face-down – conveniently on a dirt path, cushioned by twigs and leaves, rather than pavement.

The woman reaches out, picks it up and turns the screen toward her, to see that it is undamaged. This is overlayed with a ‘Tougher than any smartphone glass’ caption, then ‘Relax, it’s iPhone’ – before the bird attacks again and she runs off.

Ceramic Shield was first launched with the iPhone 12, and tests showed it to have greater pressure resistance, and to be one point higher on the Mohs hardness test.

Right now, the ad is just on Apple’s Australian YouTube channel, but will likely roll out to the US one too. You can watch it below.

Screengrab: Apple

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