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Learn how you can speed up common tasks for people using your app when you use the App Intents framework. Discover how you can programmatically bring your app’s content and functionality to system services like Siri and the Shortcuts app. We’ll show you how you can supply metadata, UI information, activation phrases, and other information the system might need. We’ll also explore how App Intents and App Shortcuts work together, and dive deep on the design of a compelling shortcut. Find out how you can use App Intents to change app content and behaviors based on someone’s active Focus state.


Implement App Shortcuts with App Intents

Discover how you can create Shortcuts in your app with zero user setup. We’ll show you how App Intents can help you present custom Shortcuts views, and explore how you can add support for parameterized phrases to allow people to quickly express their intent. We’ll also share how you can make your…

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Design App Shortcuts

Learn how you can surface great features from your app directly in Siri, Spotlight, and the Shortcuts app. We’ll introduce you to App Shortcuts, provide best practices to help you evaluate features in your app that would work well as App Shortcuts, and take you through the process of creating one…

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Dive into App Intents

Learn how you can make your app more discoverable and increase app engagement when you use the App Intents framework. We’ll take you through the powerful capabilities of this Swift framework, explore the differences between App Intents and SiriKit Intents, and show you how you can expose your app’s…

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Meet Focus filters

Discover how you can customize app behaviors based on someone’s currently enabled Focus. We’ll show you how to use App Intents to define your app’s Focus filters, act on changes from the system, and present your app’s views in different ways. We’ll also explore how you can filter notifications and…

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