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Want to learn more about implementing WidgetKit or exploring SwiftUI? Apple Developer Documentation offers resources, sample code, and articles that support the latest frameworks and technologies.

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Visit the Apple Developer Documentation website to learn about recent API documentation, featured tutorials, and other development resources. The website also offers quick links to sample code projects, new technologies announced at WWDC, and release notes that help you find out about known issues and workarounds for Apple platforms and tools.


Apple Developer Documentation

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The Documentation Technologies page provides a concise overview of every framework, technology, and service on Apple platforms. By default, they’re organized alphabetically, and you can easily filter down to see just the ones you need.

Here are some tips to help you find the right information, faster:

Use keywords: To quickly locate a specific framework or technology, enter a keyword in the Filter field or select a suggested tag. For example, type “watch” and select the “Apple Watch” tag to see all Watch-related frameworks. For more precise filtering, enter multiple keywords or select multiple tags.

Dive deeper: Once you’ve selected something, the navigator helps you browse documentation and find APIs easily. Click the disclosure indicators to explore different levels of the API hierarchy and type in API names to find those pages quickly. Use tags to filter results to show just sample code, tutorials, or articles. You can even hide deprecated pages.

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See what’s changed: The API Changes dropdown shows all frameworks with new, modified, and deprecated information. It’s a great resource for comparing the SDKs in the latest version of Xcode with older versions. When API Changes is set to “Show,” the navigator shows a filterable list of added, modified, and deprecated APIs.

Toggle between Swift and Objective-C: Use the Language selector at the top of a documentation page in a Swift/Objective-C framework to switch between languages.

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