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Discover how you can bring a new dimension of sound to your apps and games with Spatial Audio. We’ll show you how you can easily bring immersive audio to listeners with compatible hardware, help you take advantage of the PHASE and Audio Engine APIs, and offer recommendations on tailoring your project’s experience to tell stories in new, exciting ways. We’ll also share how apps like Endel and Odio added Spatial Audio to deliver incredible sound.



Immerse your app in Spatial Audio

Discover how spatial audio can help you provide a theater-like experience for media in your apps and on the web. We’ll show you how you can easily bring immersive audio to those listening with compatible hardware, and how to automatically deliver different listening experiences depending on…

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Discover geometry-aware audio with the Physical Audio Spatialization Engine (PHASE)

Explore how geometry-aware audio can help you build complex, interactive, and immersive audio scenes for your apps and games. Meet PHASE, Apple’s spatial audio API, and learn how the Physical Audio Spatialization Engine (PHASE) keeps the sound aligned with your experience at all times — helping…

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Design for spatial interaction

Discover the principles for creating intuitive physical interactions between two or more devices, as demonstrated by Apple designers who worked on features for iPhone, HomePod mini, and AirTag. Explore how you can apply these patterns to your own app when designing features for Apple platforms, and…

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Feature stories

Spotlight on: Spatial Audio

Learn how developers are creating immersive surround-sound experiences.

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Behind the Design: Odio

Discover how this app conjures up its 3D soundscapes.

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