ESR Qi2 Car Mount now shipping with launch discount

ESR today is launching its very first Qi2 accessory. While other brands opted to take to CES 2024 with news about their latest charging gear, ESR has held off to capture some of the spotlight for itself. Despite being later than its competition, the company can still claim to ship the first Qi2 car mount – which arrives with a launch discount to celebrate.


ESR’s newest release is making a bold claim to be the first of its kind. Other brands like iOttie have announced Qi2 car mounts that are stuck in the coming soon purgatory, but none are currently available to purchase right now. So there is at least some validity to the claim. And even if there is a brand we’ve overlooked or some no-name offering out there that is technically the first, being one of the first to market still isn’t a bad look.

The new ESR Qi2 Car Mount is otherwise pretty standard. The company didn’t do anything all too out of the ordinary for this release, mainly just upgrading one of its existing form-factors to support for new standard. It has a MagSafe-compatible design with magnets that are said to be stronger than previous releases, with 1,600G of force compared to the 1,400G spec found on the Cryoboost alternative with official MagSafe support.

Speaking of MagSafe, this new Qi2 release from ESR also delivers on the highly-sought after 15W charging speeds for iPhone 15. There really haven’t been many official MagSafe chargers with that spec over the years, and now ESR is signaling that the drought is over now that Qi2 is here.

The car mount can be configured in two different ways depending on just where you want to position it. There’s a typical are vent mount in the box, which features a 3-point design to stay in place. You’ll also find a dashboard adhesive mounting option, as well.

Pricing is another one of the big perks with the new ESR Qi2 Car Mount. Just about every other 15W MagSafe mounts on the market sells for around $100 – the company’s own solution included. But now with the newer spec, the new mount can live up to the Qi2 standard of being more affordable. There’s a $36 MSRP, but is made only better by a launch discount. Right now at Amazon, you can clip the on-page coupon to take save. It takes $5 off, dropping the price down to $30.99 on this all-new release which is now currently shipping.

Alongside the new car mount, ESR today is also offering a look at what’s next from its Qi2 collection. There’s four more chargers in the works due out over the next few months, with periodic rollouts scheduled from now through July. We’ll be seeing everything from 3-in-1 charging stations to power banks and more outfitted with 15W speeds and Qi2 tech before too long, as today’s reveal is just the start.

Here’s a breakdown of the upcoming release schedule, which is of course subject to change.

  • February: 25W Qi2 3-in-1 Charger
  • March: 25W Qi2 Travel Charger
  • May: Qi2 Charger
  • July: 15W Qi2 Power Bank

We’ll be keeping an eye on all things ESR and Qi2 over the next few months, so be sure to stay tuned.

If you’re looking to catch up on all of the other Qi2 releases from CES 2024, we have a handy feature that explores all of the best new releases. It covers all of the flagship gear from the likes of Belkin and Anker, as well as some more affordable tech implementing the new standard.

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