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WWDC isn’t only about exploring the brand-new frameworks and APIs — it’s also an excuse to give yourself time to experiment and play with the APIs that already exist. Whether you’ve got a problem you’ve been itching to solve or you just want a blank canvas to try out an animation or view, Swift Playgrounds makes it easy to build apps and projects. And that’s what we’re inviting you to do with this challenge: play!

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Today is all about experimentation and having fun: Download the Swift Playgrounds app on iPad or Mac and experiment with an existing framework, idea, animation, or app concept that you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t had the time to explore. Discover the tools available, incorporate packages, build prototypes, and most importantly, enjoy yourself!


Download Swift Playgrounds for macOS

Download Swift Playgrounds for iOS

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You can collaborate on this challenge with others in the Digital Lounges Study Hall, or explore a solo challenge. And if you have questions about the app or building your own software, you can meet the presenter behind “Build your first app in Swift Playgrounds” for a text-based conversation and short group Q&A.

Meet the Presenter: Build your first app in Swift Playgrounds

Meet the presenter behind “Build your first app in Swift Playgrounds” and join a text-based watch party for the session with the Swift Playgrounds team, followed by a short Q&A. The watch party begins 5 minutes after the start of this activity — so don’t be late!

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