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With its robots, spaceships, and occasional brains floating in jars, science fiction is the perfect playground for a creative challenge with SwiftUI. And so we’re inviting you to conceptualize or recreate a scene from your sci-fi dreams. Whether you use floating numbers, glowing monochrome code, or something from another universe, this is your chance to build the interface of your science-fiction dreams… or nightmares!

Begin the challenge

Set the scene and picture the science-fiction world you want to create. Are you in the near future? Part of an underground insurgency questioning the status quo? Inside a mysterious building, known only to those who work there? Floating out by a broken moon?


How would you interact with devices in this world? What sort of technology would you use? Your mission is to create a SwiftUI view in Xcode that brings that interface into our reality. For inspiration, try out SwiftUI tricks like layout and content transitions, which can help you peer through the fabric of spacetime (design-wise, at least).

Next steps

When you’ve finished your dystopian masterpiece, share it on Twitter with the hashtag #WWDC22Challenges, or share your work in the SwiftUI Study Hall. And if you’d like to discuss this or other SwiftUI topics, join the team at events all throughout the week at WWDC22.

Study Hall: SwiftUI science fiction!

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