Best of WWDC22 – Discover

Best of WWDC22

WWDC may have come to a close, but there’s still so much to explore. Catch up on the highlights and enjoy videos all year long.

WWDC22 daily dispatches

If it’s a quick daily report you need or a catchup on all the special events of the week, we’ve got you covered.


WWDC22 Day 1 recap

It’s time for your Day 1 report from Apple HQ. Check out all the exciting announcements and new technologies unveiled at WWDC22 — and learn more about what’s coming tomorrow.

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WWDC22 Day 2 recap

Ready for your Day 2 briefing? Catch up on all the great sessions from Tuesday and get a sneak peek at the day ahead.

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WWDC22 Day 3 recap

Your Day 3 status report is here. Catch up on the latest from WWDC22 and discover what’s coming to a Thursday near you.

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WWDC22 Day 4 recap

It’s time to review Day 4. Check out the Thursday highlights and tune in for a quick preview of the last day of WWDC22.

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WWDC22 Day 5 recap

It’s time to close out Day 5 of WWDC with one last report.

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Best of Accessibility & Inclusion

Learn how to build apps and games for everyone.

Add accessibility to your Unity games

Learn how you can make your Unity games accessible on Apple platforms using our open source Accessibility plug-in. Follow along as we add support for assistive technologies like VoiceOver and Switch Control to a sample Unity game project. We’ll show you how you can automatically scale text with…

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Design for Arabic · صمّم بالعربي

تعرّف على المبادئ الأساسية لتصميم الواجهات الرقمية باللغة العربية. سواء كنت تود تصميم تطبيق أو لعبة خصيصًا للاستخدام العربي، أو تود ترجمة تطبيق من لغة أخرى إلى…

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Best of App Services

Extend your app experience with App Intents, SharePlay, WidgetKit, Focus, and more.

Complications and widgets: Reloaded

Our widgets code-along returns as we adventure onto the watchOS and iOS Lock Screen. Learn about the latest improvements to WidgetKit that help power complex complications on watchOS and can help you create Lock Screen widgets for iPhone. We’ll show you how to incorporate the latest SwiftUI views…

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Enhance collaboration experiences with Messages

Discover how you can help improve communication and collaboration in your app with Collaboration in Messages. Learn how to tie a document to Messages conversations for simple sharing and discussion. Explore how you can keep everyone in the conversation up to date on the latest activity in the…

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Meet WeatherKit

WeatherKit offers valuable weather data for your apps and services to help people stay up to date on the latest conditions.

Learn how to use Swift and REST APIs to access information about the current weather, 10-day hourly forecasts for temperature, expected precipitation, wind reports, the UV…

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Dive into App Intents

Learn how you can make your app more discoverable and increase app engagement when you use the App Intents framework. We’ll take you through the powerful capabilities of this Swift framework, explore the differences between App Intents and SiriKit Intents, and show you how you can expose your app’s…

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Make a great SharePlay experience

Discover how you can design and build a great SharePlay experience. We’ll show you how to identify activities in your app that can help bring everyone together — even while they’re apart. Learn best practices to help you design for group activities, create intuitive interactions, and build…

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Best of App Store Distribution & Marketing

Discover effective strategies for growing your audience.

What’s new with SKAdNetwork

SKAdNetwork helps advertisers measure the success of ad campaigns while maintaining user privacy. We’ll explore the latest updates to ad attributions including hierarchical source IDs, hierarchical conversion values, multiple conversions, and SKAdNetwork attributions for web ads. We’ll also take…

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What’s new in App Store Connect

Discover the latest updates to App Store Connect, your suite of tools to create, manage, and submit apps on the App Store. Learn about enhancements to the submission experience — including the ability to manage submissions in App Store Connect on iOS and iPadOS — as well as the newest updates…

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Best of Audio & Video

Learn about improvements to AVFoundation, MusicKit, ShazamKit, and more.

Meet ScreenCaptureKit

Learn how ScreenCaptureKit can deliver high-performance screen capture for your macOS screen sharing applications, video conferencing apps, game streaming services, and more. We’ll explore the building blocks of this API, learn how to configure streams to capture on-screen video and audio content,…

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Create a great video playback experience

Find out how you can use the latest iOS and iPadOS system media players to build amazing media apps. We’ll share how we designed the updated player and give you best practices and tips to help you design media experiences of your own. We’ll also explore Live Text for video and show you how to…

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Support multiple users in tvOS apps

Discover how you can create personalized, individual experiences in your tvOS app. We’ll show you how you can offer a single checkbox to store profile data, game save states, and more, providing each person with the same level of data separation they’d have on a personal device like iPhone….

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Best of Augmented Reality

Explore new realities in your app with RoomPlan, ARKit, and RealityKit.

Discover ARKit 6

Discover how you can build more refined and powerful augmented reality apps with ARKit 6. We’ll explore how you can create AR experiences rendered in 4K HDR and take you through camera settings customizations for your app. We’ll also share how you can export high-resolution still images from an…

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Create parametric 3D room scans with RoomPlan

RoomPlan can help your app quickly create simplified parametric 3D scans of a room. Learn how you can use this API to easily add a room scanning experience. We’ll show you how to adopt this API, explore the 3D parametric output, and share best practices to help your app get great results with every…

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Qualities of great AR experiences

Discover best practices and techniques to help craft magical AR experiences for iPhone and iPad. We’ll provide guidance to help you determine if AR is a good fit for your experience, explore examples of great AR apps, and take you through key considerations when designing for augmented reality.

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Best of Business & Education

Bring Apple hardware, software, and services into your classroom and office.

What’s new in managing Apple devices

Explore enhancements to device management across Apple platforms. Improve device deployment workflows using the latest version of Apple Configurator for iPhone. Learn about identity technologies and MDM protocol updates for macOS, iOS and iPadOS. We’ll also share an exciting change in how we…

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Discover Sign in with Apple at Work & School

Learn how you can support Sign In with Apple for Managed Apple IDs in organizational settings. We’ll introduce you to Sign In with Apple at Work & School and explore how education apps can harness the power of this REST API to streamline the import process for student and class information. We’ll…

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Explore Apple Business Essentials

Learn more about Apple Business Essentials — a complete solution that brings together device management, 24/7 support, and cloud storage for your small business. We’ll explore how you can use features like Collections to manage apps and settings for every iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV in your…

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Create engaging content for Swift Playgrounds

Learn how you can build guided instructional content designed for Swift Playgrounds. Follow along with us as we explore how you can add a guide to a completed sample code project. We’ll demonstrate how to add tasks to your learning center to show off relevant code and optional experiment tasks that…

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Best of Design

Learn how to ideate, iterate, and create great interfaces and experiences.

What’s new in SF Symbols 4

Explore the latest updates to SF Symbols, Apple’s extensive library of iconography designed to integrate seamlessly with San Francisco, the system font for all Apple platforms. Discover the latest additions to the SF Symbols library and new categories in the app. Learn about the new Automatic…

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Design App Shortcuts

Learn how you can surface great features from your app directly in Siri, Spotlight, and the Shortcuts app. We’ll introduce you to App Shortcuts, provide best practices to help you evaluate features in your app that would work well as App Shortcuts, and take you through the process of creating one…

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Explore navigation design for iOS

Familiar navigation patterns can help people easily explore the information within your app — and save them from unnecessary confusion. We’ll show you how to take advantage of existing navigation structures to simplify complex interactions in your app without compromising its personality. Learn…

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Writing for interfaces

The words and phrases you choose for your app matter. Whether you’re writing an alert, building an onboarding experience, or describing an image for accessibility, learn how you can design through the lens of language and help people get the most from your app. We’ll show you how to create clear,…

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Design app experiences with charts

Learn how you can enhance your app with charts to communicate data with more clarity and appeal. We’ll show you when to use charts, how to use them and how they work together in a chart design system.

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Best of Developer Tools

Everything you need to know to build the next great app or game.

What’s new in Xcode

Discover the latest productivity and performance advancements in Xcode 14. We’ll introduce you to the fully redesigned SwiftUI canvas experience, explore enhancements to code completion and navigation, and take you through performance improvements we’ve made throughout the entire development…

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Get the most out of Xcode Cloud

Discover how you can get the most out of Xcode Cloud, Apple’s continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) service. We’ll take you through an overview of Xcode Cloud and how it connects with Xcode and App Store Connect. We’ll also explore the Xcode Cloud Usage Dashboard in App Store…

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Use Xcode to develop a multiplatform app

Learn how you can build apps for multiple Apple platforms using Xcode 14. We’ll show you how to streamline app targets, maintain a common codebase, and share settings by default. We’ll also explore how you can customize your app for each platform through conditionalizing your settings and code.

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Best of Graphics & Games

Level up your apps and games with Metal 3.

Discover Metal 3

Harness the full potential of Apple silicon in your app with Metal 3. We’ll introduce you to the latest features, improvements, and tooling. We’ll also explore how you can use advanced features and compiler tools to load resources faster, compile shader binaries at build time, process complex…

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Plug-in and play: Add Apple frameworks to your Unity game projects

Help make your Unity app or game an even better experience on Apple platforms. Learn how you can add Apple technologies directly to your projects with six plug-ins: Apple.Core, Game Center, Game Controller, Accessibility, Core Haptics, and PHASE. We’ll show you how you can add new gameplay…

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Best of Health & Fitness

Get your app in shape with the latest in health and fitness technologies.

What’s new in HealthKit

Bring the latest HealthKit features to your health & fitness app. We’ll show you how to capture more detailed sleep data through sleep stages, track swim-bike-run and interval workouts with the enhanced Workout API, and save vision prescriptions — including an image of the physical prescription…

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Get timely alerts from Bluetooth devices on watchOS

Find out how Bluetooth devices can send timely and relevant alerts to Apple Watch. We’ll show you how to take advantage of periodic data in complications, explore background peripheral discovery, and help you learn how to use characteristic monitoring in watchOS. We’ll also share best practices and…

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Build device-to-device interactions with Network Framework

Learn how you can create integrated content experiences across multiple devices. We’ll introduce you to DeviceDiscoveryUI, which makes it easy to set up communication pathways and connect Apple TV with other devices like iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. We’ll also explore common scenarios and…

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Best of Maps & Location

Explore the latest updates to MapKit.

What’s new in MapKit

Come along with us as MapKit enters a new dimension. We’ll show you how you can upgrade your app to use the latest map and support the highly-detailed 3D City Experience. Learn how you can visualize data using overlays while ensuring they integrate smoothly into the 3D map. We’ll also cover how…

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Meet Apple Maps Server APIs

Simplify your app’s mapping architecture by implementing the Apple Maps stack across MapKit, MapKit JS, and Apple Maps Server APIs. Learn how these APIs can reduce network calls and increase power efficiency, which can help improve the overall performance of your app. We’ll show you how to use…

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Best of ML & Vision

Put machine learning to work in your app.

What’s new in Create ML

Discover the latest updates to Create ML. We’ll share improvements to Create ML’s evaluation tools that can help you understand how your custom models will perform on real-world data. Learn how you can check model performance on each type of image in your test data and identify problems within…

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What’s new in Vision

Learn about the latest updates to Vision APIs that help your apps recognize text, detect faces and face landmarks, and implement optical flow. We’ll take you through the capabilities of optical flow for video-based apps, show you how to update your apps with revisions to the machine learning…

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Explore the machine learning development experience

Learn how to bring great machine learning (ML) based experiences to your app. We’ll take you through model discovery, conversion, and training and provide tips and best practices for ML. We’ll share considerations to take into account as you begin your ML journey, demonstrate techniques for…

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Best of Photos & Camera

Discover the latest in camera and photo library improvements.

What’s new in the Photos picker

PHPicker provides simple and secure integration between your app and the system Photos library. Learn how SwiftUI and Transferable can help you offer integration across iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS.

We’ll also show you how you can use AppKit and NSOpenPanel to bring the Photos picker on Mac…

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Discover advancements in iOS camera capture: Depth, focus, and multitasking

Discover how you can take advantage of advanced camera capture features in your app. We’ll show you how to use the LiDAR scanner to create photo and video effects and perform accurate depth measurement. Learn how your app can use the camera for picture-in-picture or multitasking, control…

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Bring Continuity Camera to your macOS app

Discover how you can use iPhone as an external camera in any Mac app with Continuity Camera. Whether you’re building video conferencing software or an experience that makes creative use of cameras, we’ll show you how you can enhance your app with automatic camera switching. We’ll also explore…

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Best of Privacy & Security

Learn how to create private and secure apps and games.

What’s new in privacy

At Apple, we believe that privacy is a fundamental human right, and protecting people’s privacy is at the center of everything we do. Discover how our engineering teams build privacy into all of our products and developer frameworks, and learn about the technologies and patterns you can adopt in…

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Meet passkeys

It’s time for a security upgrade: Learn how to add support for passkeys to create a quick and easy sign in experience for people, all while offering a radical increase to account security. Passkeys are simple and strong credentials built to eliminate phishing attacks. We’ll share how passkeys…

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Get to know Developer Mode

Meet Developer Mode — required on iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and watchOS 9 to install, run, and debug your apps during development. We’ll show you how you to opt in to Developer Mode on your devices, and how to enable Developer Mode in your automation workflows.

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Replace CAPTCHAs with Private Access Tokens

Don’t be captured by CAPTCHAs! Private Access Tokens are a powerful alternative that help you identify HTTP requests from legitimate devices and people without compromising their identity or personal information. We’ll show you how your app and server can take advantage of this tool to add…

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Best of Safari & Web

Explore the web with Safari and WebKit.

What’s new in Safari and WebKit

Explore the latest features in Safari and WebKit and learn how you can make better and more powerful websites. We’ll take you on a tour through the latest updates to HTML, CSS enhancements, Web Inspector tooling, Web APIs, and more.

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Meet Web Push for Safari

Bring better notifications to your websites and web apps in Safari on macOS with Web Push. We’ll show you how you can remotely send notifications to people through the web standards-based combination of Push API, Notifications API, and Service Workers.

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What’s new in Safari Web Extensions

Learn how you can use the latest improvements to Safari Web Extensions to create even better experiences for people browsing the web. We’ll show you how to upgrade to manifest version 3, adopt the latest APIs for Web Extensions, and sync extensions across devices.

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Best of Swift

Discover the latest updates to Swift.

What’s new in Swift

Join us for an update on Swift. We’ll take you through performance improvements, explore more secure and extensible Swift packages, and share advancements in Swift concurrency. We’ll also introduce you to Swift Regex, better generics, and other tools built into the language to help you write more…

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Meet Swift Async Algorithms

Discover the latest open source Swift package from Apple: Swift Async Algorithms. We’ll explore algorithms from this package that you can use with AsyncSequence, including zip, merge, and throttle. Follow along with us as we use these algorithms to build a great messaging app. We’ll also share best…

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Meet Swift Regex

Learn how you can process strings more effectively when you take advantage of Swift Regex. Come for concise literals but stay for Regex builders — a new, declarative approach to string processing. We’ll also explore the Unicode models in String and share how Swift Regex can make Unicode-correct…

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Meet distributed actors in Swift

Discover distributed actors — an extension of Swift’s actor model that simplifies development of distributed systems. We’ll explore how distributed actor isolation and location transparency can help you avoid the accidental complexity of networking, serialization, and other transport concerns…

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Use Xcode to develop a multiplatform app

Learn how you can build apps for multiple Apple platforms using Xcode 14. We’ll show you how to streamline app targets, maintain a common codebase, and share settings by default. We’ll also explore how you can customize your app for each platform through conditionalizing your settings and code.

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Best of SwiftUI & Frameworks

Build interfaces that feel right at home on Apple platforms.

What’s new in SwiftUI

It’s a SwiftUI party — and you’re invited! Join us as we share the latest updates and a glimpse into the future of UI framework design. Discover deep levels of customization, advanced techniques for layout, elegant strategies for sharing, and rock-solid structural approaches for designing an app…

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What’s new in UIKit

Discover the latest updates and improvements to UIKit and learn how to build better iPadOS, iOS, and Mac Catalyst apps. We’ll take you through UI refinements, productivity updates, API enhancements, and more. We’ll also help you explore improvements to performance, security, and privacy.

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What’s new in AppKit

Discover the latest advances in Mac app development using AppKit. We’ll take you through the latest updates to SF Symbols, show you how you can elevate your interface with enhanced controls, and help you learn to coordinate your windows with Stage Manager. We’ll also explore the latest sharing…

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Hello Swift Charts

Say hello to Swift Charts — a flexible framework that helps you create charts entirely in SwiftUI that look and feel right at home on all Apple platforms. Discover how you can use compositional syntax to make informative, delightful, and accessible charts with less code. We’ll share the…

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Meet desktop-class iPad

Learn how you can bring desktop-class features to your iPad app. Explore updates to UINavigationBar that bring more discoverability and customizability to your app’s features. Find out how the latest updates to UIKit can help make it easier and faster for people to explore content in your app….

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Best of System Services

Support your apps at the system level with networking, Core Data, CloudKit, and more.

Enhance voice communication with Push to Talk

We’re coming in loud and clear to help you bring walkie-talkie communication to your app — over! Discover how you can add prominent system UI to your Push to Talk app, enabling rapid communication with the tap of a button. We’ll introduce you to the PushToTalk framework and show you how to…

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Optimize your use of Core Data and CloudKit

Join us as we explore the three parts of the development cycle that can help you optimize your Core Data and CloudKit implementation. We’ll show you how you can analyze your app’s architecture and feature set to verify assumptions, explore changes in behavior after ingesting large data sets, and…

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Evolve your Core Data schema

Learn how you can cleanly migrate Core Data schemas after updating your app, and breeze through data model changes. We’ll show you how you can take advantage of built-in migration tools to keep your data storage up to date, and let Core Data analyze your schema to infer data model migrations….

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