Arc iPhone 15 case offers a minimal aluminum design

For the past two months, I have been using one of the most unconventional cases on the market for my iPhone 15 Pro. Well, if you can call all of the minimalism that is the Arc Pulse a case, that is. This aluminum bumper has been one of my favorite accessories for the past few iPhone generations, and now I am putting that adoration to the test with a long-term review.


Every time a new iPhone has come out the past few years, I have been eager to throw one of these Arc Pulse bumpers on it. Like clockwork, that same urge presented itself to me right when I got all of the gorgeous titanium in my hands for the first time with the newer iPhone 15 Pro. It wasn’t long before the folks over at Arc began shipping an updated version of its bumper case for Apple’s latest, and only a touch more time before one ended up as my daily driver.

I officially began 2-month journey with an Arc iPhone 15 Pro case back in the middle of November. It’s technically been over two months, but saying two months and a few days just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Since then I have been exclusively been using the bumper case as my one and only cover. I wouldn’t say it has never left my phone in the same kind of sentiment as people treat their wedding rings, but if there was something protecting my handset, it was this cover.

I am getting a bit ahead of myself on the actual case, though. The Arc Pulse is a unique take on protecting your smartphone. It offers some of the most minimalist protection on the market thanks to its 2-piece construction that has a top bumper and a bottom bumper combine to offer just a little gap between your handset and the abrasive world around it. Each one pairs an inner rubber padding with an aluminum exterior that comes in one of several finishes – I personally have been rocking the new Deep Blue, but there’s also silver, gold, and even some matte styles.

The cases certainly are certainly tipping the scales on putting form over function, but I really wanted to see if it was an all or nothing approach. In past reviews, like the iPhone 14 Pro from back in the fall of 2022, I only spent a few weeks with the cases. And even then, was being a bit more selective about when I would don the aluminum stylings versus swapping for something a bit more rugged. This time, I didn’t take the same approach, and it has meant that I relied solely on this shiny aluminum case.

After all this time, I ultimately still love the design just as much as I did when I was reviewing the covers for just a few weeks at a time. I’ve already swapped off to a more conventional case, and it has me missing just how elegant the aluminum build was.

Easily my favorite reflection of using the Arc Pulse iPhone 15 Pro case for so long is that I noticed it started developing something of a patina. Normally that’s a word that I’d be using to go alongside a leather cover review, but not this time. The areas of the aluminum frame which came in contact with my hands more – mostly the bottom part of the bumper – has slowly been getting a worn in look to it that I find to be quite eye-catching. You can see it better in some of the photos than others, but the effect has resulted in an even more personalized cover.

It’s not like the aluminum is being scratched or anything, either. The change in appearance is purely just from everyday use that has the metal being worn in over time, and results in an even more unique look. I personally love the way that the chromed blue finish has morphed over the past couple of months and turned into something even more pleasing to the eyes.

Each one of the new iPhone 15 series Arc Pulse cases start from $65, with pricing going up to $120 depending on the material and finish used. Here’s a breakdown of the whole lineup.

9to5Toys’ Take

Every time I write up something about Arc and its Pulse bumper cases, I end up getting feedback that there’s no way these can actually protect your smartphone against anything. But after two months of consistent use, I can at least report that my iPhone 15 Pro is in the same shape as before. The bumper case has helped defend against quite a few tumbles around my apartment, while lifting my device off of countertops, bars, and other surfaces out in New York that would otherwise be trying to scratch up Apple’s gorgeous titanium finish.

Previously, I have reviewed these unique covers from the lens that they offer just a bit of protection without giving up the look of your bare-metal iPhone. And while that definitely is still one of the perks, there’s more than just aesthetics. It’s not like my time with the case is over, but getting to spend more time with the Arc Pulse on my device was certainly a bit more eye-opening than I expected. I don’t want to say that my previous experiences were novelties, but I am really loving just how practical it ended up being.

My iPhone 15 Pro has no new scratches, dents, or damage, all while still enjoying the feel of a handset without a rubbery case on the back. I know that these bumpers aren’t going to be for everyone, but I once again remain sold on just how neat the Arc Pulse iPhone 15 cases are.

If you’re looking to try one out for yourself, you can buy one for any of Apple’s latest iPhone 15 smartphones from $65.

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