Apple updates Vision Pro tech specs to correct video mirroring AirPlay quality

January 21, 2024

Apple revealed Vision Pro tech specs today as pre-orders went live in the United States. One specification appears to have been published with an error, however, as the tech specs page has changed since this morning.

We highlighted today that Vision Pro is capable of mirroring video to AirPlay-enabled devices at 1080p. That resolution was based on Apple’s display specs section for screen mirroring.

For whatever reason, Apple has since updated the page to clarify that video mirroring over AirPlay isn’t actually full HD. Instead, Vision Pro is rated for 720p video mirroring on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and AirPlay-connected smart TVs.

Why the change? It’s possible that Apple previously planned to support 1080p screen mirroring, but didn’t find the performance up to par with their expectations.

At any rate, the difference should not affect any buying decisions. The feature is intended to make it possible for others to see what you see in Vision Pro. It’s hardly a core part of the Vision Pro experience.


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