Apple Store app to scan user’s face when ordering a Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro will hit stores in the US in a few weeks, but Apple is yet to reveal details about the purchasing process, available models, and customization options. However, a new report has revealed that customers will be able to use the Apple Store app to scan their face to determine the best size of Vision Pro.


As found by MacRumors in the latest version of the Apple Store app code, users will have the option of scanning their face using an iPhone or iPad to find the ideal size of the Apple Vision Pro Light Seal and Head Band.

“You may scan your face to determine your size for Apple Vision Pro,” reads a message in the ‌Apple Store‌ app. The process should work similarly to what Apple has provided for developers invited to try out the Apple Vision Pro Developer Kit ahead of the official launch.

Earlier this week, Apple had already announced that Vision Pro comes with both Solo Knit Band and Dual Loop Band included in the box, so that users can choose the option that best suits them according to each situation.

For users who need prescription lenses, Apple will also give them the option of ordering custom ZEISS lenses that magnetically attach to the headset. Interestingly, MacRumors claims that Apple may also offer custom engraving for Apple Vision Pro, although it’s unclear what it will look like.

Apple Vision Pro launches in the US on February 2, with pre-orders beginning on January 19. Prices start at $3,499 for the version with 256GB of storage.

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