Apple may have cut one of Vision Pro’s features ahead of its launch

Apple Vision Pro will arrive in stores in a few weeks, and more details about the product have been revealed over the last few days. We know, for example, how Apple plans to demo the device in its stores and that some apps won’t be available at launch. But there’s one feature that Apple may have cut from the final version of Vision Pro.


Apple removes feature from visionOS 1.0

As noted by @M1Astra on X (formerly Twitter), the company recently updated the “Introducing Apple Vision Pro” video available on YouTube and also on Apple’s official website. In the new version, one of the features shown at WWDC 2023 has disappeared from the video.

More specifically, the video no longer shows the Open Sky Environment feature, which would let users replace the view of their ceiling with a virtual sky. In the original clip, a person lies in bed with a Vision Pro and looks up at the ceiling to see the sky. But there’s another change that suggests the feature has been deliberately removed from Vision Pro.

On the Vision Pro webpage, the section detailing how the Environments feature works no longer mentions the option to view an open sky. The phrase “magically replace your ceiling with a clear, open sky” has been replaced by “turn your room into a personal movie theater with the Cinema Environment.”

It’s unclear at this point why the feature was removed. Perhaps Apple was unable to finish it in time for the official launch, or it never worked as expected and the company opted to scrap it. Perhaps Apple will bring it back with a future visionOS update.

More about Apple Vision Pro

Among the recently revealed details about Vision Pro is the fact that the headset has an M2 chip with a 10-core GPU and 16GB of RAM. We also know that customers need an iPhone or iPad with Face ID to order a Vision Pro online, and that there will be financing options available for Apple Card holders.

Apple Vision Pro starts at $3,499 in the configuration with 256GB of storage. The official launch is scheduled for February 2.

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