Apple launches new Black Unity Apple Watch face, sport band, and iPhone wallpaper

Apple today unveiled its new 2024 Black Unity collection for Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad. That includes a new watch band to buy, as well as a new watch face and iOS Lock Screen wallpaper.

The new Black Unity Sport Band is available to order today from, priced at $49. The new Unity Bloom watch face will be available next week with watchOS 10.3, and the corresponding iPhone and iPad wallpaper will come with iOS 17.3.


The new collection has a floral theme, depicting abstract representations of flowers.

Apple says the new design represents Pan-Africanism and symbolizes the harmony of multiple generations working together to address injustices.

The Sport Band is black with colorful flowers spread across the band, featuring red, green and yellow hues. Each band is unique due to a special unique layering process during manufacturing. The band’s pin features the words ‘Truth, Power, Solidarity’ etched it into it.

The band is available for 41mm and 45mm watches, in the typical S/M and M/L length sizes. You can order the new band today, and It will be available in Apple retail stores beginning January 23.

The corresponding Apple Watch face is a new analog face, adorned with the same abstract flowers. Users can choose between a single flower or full-bloom styles. On wrist raise, the flowers bloom and fill in. watchOS 10.3 requires Apple Watch Series 4 or later.

The new Unity Bloom wallpaper for iPhone and iPad behaves similarly, featuring an array of flowers. When locked, the wallpaper renders as subtle outlines. When the display wakes up, the wallpaper colors emerge. The wallpaper will arrive as part of the upcoming iOS 17.3 update, which will be released next week.

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